Webinar for the Employees of Fegime Ukraine Members

In mid-November, a webinar was held for employees of Fegime Ukraine companies, which was hosted by Dirk Haasbrocken, Executive Director of Fegime Netherlands and head of the procurement and product management department of Schuurman company, a Fegime participant from the Netherlands. The webinar was attended by more than 20 specialists from companies belonging to the Fegime Ukraine group. The most diverse issues and problems from the field of procurement, logistics and product management were raised. Here are just a small part of the questions that were covered during the webinar:

– which inventory rotation is considered optimal (both without own imports from China, and if there is a brand in the portfolio imported from China);

– Do you take into account Gross Margin Return on Inventory Investment (GMROII) while stock management?

– What is the definition of “stones” on stock; what percentage of “stones” is considered to be acceptable;

– Which KPIs are used to evaluate the efficiency of the procurement and product management?

Part of Dirk’s recommendations was already implemented in the companies of Fegime Ukraine, but each of the participants found something new and interesting for themselves.

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