Participating in the Fegime Future project to the Weidmüller company.


The last FEGIME Future meeting with Weidmüller was almost seven years ago. It took place at company Headquarters in Detmold, Germany, and was very focused on the production facility there. A lot has changed since then and so a totally different style of meeting was very appropriate. In Budapest there were not many products waiting for the next generation participants but a wide range of digital ideas and initiatives as well as thought-provoking workshops on Connectivity Consulting and Configure to Order.

“What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name Weidmüller?” With this question Executive Vice President Division Cabinet Products, Dr Sebastian Durst, opened his presentation of Weidmüller’s latest cabinet production technology at the FEGIME Future Meeting in Budapest. And like a shot out of a gun he got the answer he was expecting: terminal blocks. Of course, this is the product that Weidmüller is famous for, a very successful product that they have sold for decades and still sell today. But by the end of the meeting it was quite clear to all present that they have much more to offer. A robot speeds up and down on its defined route between cabinets and magazines loading DIN rails with the required components, taking them for laser printing and finally installing them in the cabinet according to the given masterplan. And there is not a human being in sight. The impressive video showed what is already reality today at the home of a Weidmüller customer in Southern Germany that produces for example all the cabinets for the outlets of giant retail chains that are international household names. All Weidmüller products are today manufactured to be robot-friendly and thus support this development – just one of the reasons why they can claim with justification that they are “ready-to-robot”. Weidmüller thus provides an excellent model for a family-owned company mastering digital transformation. Founded in 1850 it is now in the 3rd generation and turns over more than €800 million, with a range of over 30,000 products and employs 4,800 people worldwide. FEGIME Future were happy to be joined in Budapest by the FEGIME Board of Directors, Willem Schuurman FEGIME Nederland), Ricardo Gomez (FEGIME España) & Kerstin Steffens FEGIME Deutschland as well as FEGIME Hungary Managing Director, Zsuzsanna Nedeczky. Weidmüller hosts Roger Kroon, Vice President Global Distribution Management, & Laurent Dussouchet, Head of Global Distribution Account Management, were also happy with the outcome of the meeting: “We would like to thank all the FEGIME Future attendees for their active participation. Distribution is a centric parameter in Weidmüller’s growth strategy, in between Manufacturer and Customers.”

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