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In 1989, about 10 electrical companies from Spain and France signed a cooperation agreement. Since 1993, companies from other countries began to join this group. The meaning of the abbreviation Fegime is “European Federation of Independent Wholesale Electrotechnical Companies” (“Fédération Européenne des Grossistes Indépendants en Matériel Electrique”). Currently, the Federation includes more than 230 companies from 20 countries - France, Spain, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Poland, Norway, Hungary, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Greece, Israel, Denmark, Argentina. The membership of companies from Argentina and Israel suggests that the Fegime group from a European organization has grown into a global structure. In 2019 Group turnover amounted to more than 6.1 billion euros. Fegime's mission: creating value for members of the Group, their suppliers and customers. As an association of family enterprises, the FEGIME group has a reputation as the best independent operator in the wholesale and distribution of lighting and electrical products. The culture of the Fegime group is based on the family values ​​of its members, its presence in the markets of more than 27 countries as close as possible to its customers, fulfillment of long-term obligations to customers and suppliers, guaranteed high quality service.
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